Thursday, May 3, 2012

Vitamix Decision Making Process

How did I not know that high-performance blender maker Vitamix is headquartered right here in Cleveland?  How did I not know that it's an 91-year old local, family-owned company?  How did I not know they have an outlet that recently opened in North Olmstead?

  1. Foodgoat has not articulated a need for a blender. 
  2. We don't have to blend things very often.  As in, once a month or so.
  3. The things I do blend don't really call for a 2 horsepower motor.
  4. We have a stick blender that works well.
  5. It's really heavy.  I have weak little arms.  
  6. It's really big.  We have no counter space.  We have no kitchen storage space. 
  7. $400-$600 is a lot for a blender.  A lot.  It's a lot for most things, but it's especially a lot for a blender.
Obviously, I must conclude that I do not need a Vitamix blender.

Yet I want one anyway.

I could grind grain!  (Because you know, sometime I might want to try that!)
I could make almond butter!  (Even though now there are some good brands out there that aren't too hard to find!)
I could make hot soup right in the blender!  (Because a high speed motor is the most efficient way to heat soup!)
I could make smoothies all day long, for twenty years!  (Because I might get tired of eating fruits and vegetables in the natural, whole form!)

Or I could remind myself about points 1 to 7 above.

Still, maybe I'll stop by the outlet one day.  You know, just to look.

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  1. Best kitchen investment I've ever made. I never used to use a blender but now I use mine almost everyday. I just learned a new use that I can't wait to try - grinding meat. I was considering buying the kitchen aid attachment or a big food processor but after talking to a friend I recently sold on Vita Mix, he said he's almost completely replaced his food processor with the Vita Mix for all tasks, including grinding meat. Plus you're supporting the local economy. Not only is Vita Mix local, but they buy a lot of parts from local companies. I recently met the supplier of the blades, a small metal shop here in town. He had great things to say about working with them.

    Imagine being able to make a nice frozen cocktail on a day like today (we actually take our Vita Mix on our annual NC beach trip so we can have amazing frozen drinks. Just do it, you won't regret it.