Sunday, May 6, 2012

For Just $800 You Can Pretend To Be A Down-to-Earth Farmer Too!

Ah, Williams-Sonoma, you always know just what the people the disposable income, bourgeois bohemian, consumers needs wants.  

There were people out there who read about keeping chicken coops at home in the New Yorker, but didn't know where to find them, or didn't care enough to really look form them, and then suddenly, there it is, at Williams-Sonoma.  Their new Agrarian line features rustically stylish chicken coops ($400-$880), backyard beehives ($340-$500) and canning supplies like the lovely Weck jars ($25/6).

On one hand, it all looks so pretty.  On the hand, I feel like buying a chicken coop at Williams-Sonoma is about as far from authentic as you can get.

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