Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tardis Cookie Jar: So Fun, So Not Fun

And ... we're back!  I bet you didn't even notice we were gone .... wait, what?  It's been almost a year since our last post?  The Doctor promised that he could get us back in time to post the next day!

That Tardis can be a little problematic.

The Tardis can be problematic as a cookie jar too. How fun is it having the Tardis sitting on the counter, full of cookies?  So much fun. 

True, it isn't actually bigger on the inside than on the outside, so it doesn't actually hold more cookies.  But the real problem is the Tardis souns it makes when opened.  On the one hand, the sound of the Doctor leaving the brakes on, well, that's just cool.  Not as cool as bowties, but cool.

On the other hand, the fact that the Tardis effectively also  ANNOUNCES TO THE WHOLE HOUSE that Ladygoat is eating cookies AGAIN, well, that's not so cool.  It pretty much shouts out, "Hey, look who has no self control!" 


  1. Welcome back!
    Ya i doubt that lid would be brimming with cookies like the pic at my house to

  2. LOL I was gonna get me one of these. Well, torn between this and the zombie brain jar...