Monday, March 29, 2010

Octodog to the Rescue!

One of Foodgoat's earliest memories is of being held upside down while his father whacks him on the back to dislodge a piece of hot dog on which Foodgoat was choking.  It's happened to a lot of kids, especially those under three, which is why the American Academy of Pediatrics recently called for warning labels, or better yet, a choke-proof redesign of the beloved hot dog. 
The only redesign I would approve of is the Octodog:

A regular hot dog, sliced up into eighths about halfway to two-thirds up (sixths if you want more structural integrity).  Each little leg is perfect for pulling off and eating by small hands.  Boiled in water or oil to cook and to achieve curly-legginess.   Black peppercorn or whole cloves for eyes (don't let kids eat these, though).  Served on a bed of white rice (or stuffed in to a bun, if you really must).  Splatter with ketchup and mustard as needed or serve on the side.  Of course, the top part (the head) still needs to be cut up into bits once the legs get pulled off and eaten.

The Octodog has been GoatSpawn tested, and is GoatSpawn approved!

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  1. WOW !!! I looks so nice and too delicious> It is is "HOT OCT"