Monday, March 8, 2010

100 Things to Cook: What Should Ladygoat Add to Her List

Last year, Lead Paint Cookbook posted her bucket list of 100 things she wants to cook. I think this is a great idea - I'm always idly thinking I should make this or that, only to forget about it soon after.   But put it on a list, where I can cross it off and check it off, now that can motivate me.  She is trying to get through her 100 items in one year, an ambitious undertaking which I can't even consider trying right now, but the list?  I can work on putting together a list.

My list is mixture of dishes to cook or bake and ingredients that I'd like to make myself - hence things like cheese and vinegar are on the list.  There are things on here that I may have tried once or twice but never did well, and things that I've always wanted to make and never got to.  There are dishes I've witnessed and eaten many times, like Foodgoat's chicken paprikash, but never made by myself.  Most things I've eaten and always enjoyed (llike longuanisa) and others that I've never had but sounds fun to make.  I didn't put them in any particular order. 

But alas, I haven't come up with 100 yet.  I thought it would be pretty easy, but I seem to have reached a cooker's block at number 75. 

So I'm soliciting suggestions!  Surely I can come up with a few more to reach 100!

Ladygoat's Not-Quite-100
  1. Vinegar
  2. Sweet and sour pork
  3. Pad thai (a non-peanut version for me)
  4. Pretzels
  5. Brownies from scratch
  6. Fried chicken
  7. Panzanella
  8. Turducken
  9. My mother-in-law's butter ring
  10. My brother-in-law's cheesecake
  11. My mother's chili
  12. Sauerkraut
  13. Bagels
  14. Cheese
  15. Quiche
  16. Doughnuts 
  17. Bacon
  18. Root beer
  19. Vanilla extract
  20. Boiled cider
  21. Cream soda 
  22. Foodgoat's grandmother's chestnut rum cake
  23. Pan de sal
  24. Ginger ale
  25. Longuanisa 
  26. Banana cream pie (successfully)
  27. Caramel
  28. Foodgoat's chicken paprikash (I'm seen him make it a million times, but have never made it myself)
  29. Foodgoat's vadas
  30. Croissants 
  31. Caramel apples
  32. Cinnamon roasted almonds
  33. Granola
  34. Cassata cake, Cleveland-style
  35. No-knead bread
  36. Limoncello
  37. Tocino
  38. Lechon
  39. Cinnamon rolls 
  40. Liver sauce
  41. Chicharon
  42. Kare-kare
  43. Lumpia wrappers
  44. Filipino-style fruit salad
  45. Empanadas
  46. Siopao
  47. Puto
  48. Corn dogs
  49. Leche flan
  50. Jam
  51. Jalapeno jelly
  52. Spanokopita
  53. Sourdough bread bowls
  54. Apple strudel
  55. Cultured butter
  56. Buttermilk
  57. Baguette 
  58. Clarified butter
  59. Ice cream (I've made this before, but it was never good enough that Foodgoat would eat it)
  60. Hopia
  61. Pastillas de leche 
  62. Arroz caldo
  63. Honey walnut prawns
  64. Dinuguan
  65. Crackers 
  66. Hush puppies
  67. Baked beans
  68. Beef jerky
  69. Cheese danish
  70. Shortbread
  71. Risotto
  72. Tempura
  73. Saag paneer
  74. Pot stickers
  75. Foie gras
  76. ?
  77. ?  
  78. ?  
  79. ?  
  80. ?  
  81. ?  
  82. ?


  1. That's so funny that you posted your list today because I posted my "to make" list this morning. Here is the start to my list:

  2. some suggestions: Many of which I haven't made either but would love to!

    76. pudding
    77. raviolis
    78. ice cream cake/cookie sandwich
    79. marzipan
    80. chicken apple sausages, meat grinder required
    81. tom yum soup (sooo good)
    82. along with above, pound out own thai curry paste
    83. pork shoulder tacos--simmered for hours
    84. tamales, the more lard the better
    85. fruit gelees
    86. fudge (no Fluff allowed)
    87. puff pastry
    88. souffle
    89. cream puffs
    90. chai (wrote about this recently)
    91. quick pickles
    92. slow pickles
    93. chicken under a brick
    94. smoked salmon (would love a smoker!)
    95. salami
    96. dulce de leche (takes forEVER but is worth it...just milk, sugar and lots of time and arm)
    97. gateau de crepes, to eat with above
    98. creme brulee; fire is fun
    99. taboule
    100. peking duck

    Hope this helps!

  3. Good grief, you are ambitious! Are there any other family recipes you want to try? Those are always good fill-ins. How about basics? Breads, staple meat dishes, etc.

    Like your list, though. So far I think I've made inroads with one of my 100. Hey, slow and steady!

  4. Wow, Elizabeth, I was hoping for one or two suggestions, and you give me 25! Those are some great ideas - I especially like salami, smoked salmon, and dulce de leche. What's chicken under a brick, though?

    And Cookbook, I fully expect this to be a list I'm working on for years and years!

  5. Ladygoat,

    Chicken under a brick is when you butterfly a chicken and bake it under a brick in a cast iron skillet in the oven. It is really crispy and really tender. And you get to steal a brick from under your building. Well not steal, borrow

  6. I'm going to start on a list too. Here are a few ideas...

    boeuf bourguignon
    linzer cookies

  7. A few ideas:

    Tea eggs
    A whole live lobster (my boyfriend is obsessed with wanting to do this...)
    Lemon curd
    Fresh Mozzarella

    Have fun!