Friday, September 4, 2009


Yesterday's Uncrate, in its post about the new Four-in-One Avocado Tool from Williams-Sonoma, began with:
"Even the craftiest of cooks will tell you that avocados can be time-consuming and tough to deal with ..."
I don't consider myself the craftiest by any means, but I actually think avocados are really quick and easy to deal with. Avocados are not messy or excessively juicy like mangos, they don't have a prickly thick skin like pineapples, the seed is just one big seed that pops out unlike watermelons, and the juices don't stain everything like beets.

A single small knife has always worked just fine to open and slice an avocado for me. Maybe a fork to mush it up.

So who is this product for? The full-time guacamole maker? The person afraid of avocados and so needs a special tool to approach it? The gadget collector? The people with too much money and too much kitchen storage space? Link


  1. Alton Brown would totally mock this.

  2. There are so many gadgets out there that are really unnecessary. It's nice to know I'm not alone in my thinking.