Tuesday, April 7, 2009

GoatSpawn Eats, Take Two

GoatSpawn's second food: Sweet potato!

Sweet potato, like avocado, is an increasingly popular first food for babies. Makes sense - they're nutritious, sweet-tasting, and easy to digest.

Sweet potato required a bit more preparation than the avocado to be GoatSpawn ready: boil chunks of sweet potato in water until tender, then puree until smooth, and thin out with a bit of liquid if you need to.
Foodgoat's philsophy: involve kids in cooking early on!
The verdict: GoatSpawn seems to like sweet potato better than avocado! She was grabbing at the spoon and putting it in her mouth.

I still don't think much of it gets swallowed, but she seems to be getting the idea.
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  1. I love reading about your eating adventures with GoatSpawn. We are expecting our first daughter any day now so I hope to be following in your footsteps in many ways.

    Do you recommend any books on making your own baby food?

  2. No particular book! Various family and friends just recommended mooshing up various foods and thinning it with chicken broth or other liquid, and freezing it.

  3. Did foodgoat finish off the leftovers(if any) like with the avocado?

  4. I ate the avocado leftovers, but not the Sweet Patatoes (since we mixed in milk).

    It is a goal of mine to make food for Goatspawn thats good enough for me to eat. The quicker I get her use't too my cooking the better for me.