Friday, April 24, 2009

Foodgoat's BIG BOARD

Here at Foodgoat we love food, but there is something else we love more: that's the Cleveland Browns. This weekend is one of my favorite times of the year- the NFL draft- where I can hope my team can make itself better.

So, I like to lock myself in my house and totally throw out all my food habits. No cooking... no prep.. no meals that require me to leave the TV for more than 3 mins. That's right - JUNK FOOD! why do I do this: because I refuse to miss a moment of the DRAFT.

Without further ado- here is my first official posting of Foodgoat's Brown draft board.
(I am making an assumtion that a Quinn-like quarterback will be leading our team next year- appose to Anderson-like quarterback: notice how I don't say Quinn is our quarterback just one who plays that style - sorry Kara).

1) Aaron Curry LB (no brainer)
2) Rey Maualaga ILB (this is the biggest surprise of my board- I would take him at pick #5)
3) Andre Smith OT (another oddball- I care about Gametape not workouts: and he is a mauler at RT)
4) RJ. Raji DT ( you can't stop the run you don't win in the AFC north)
5) Tyson Jackson DE/OLB (I believe in more than other Tweeners)
6) Jason Smith OT (more of a LT than RT- but good)
7) Eugene Monroe OT (more of a LT- but can you say “Pulling Tackle”?)
8) Brian Cushing OLB (need LB badly)
9) James Laurinaitis ILB (Ohio State LB scare me... but I have faith in James)
10) Clay Mattews OLB (does any Brownie fan need an explanation on this one- I thought not)
11) Chris Wells RB (J.Lewis is getting old- a perfect replacement)
12) Alex Mack C (this dude is a football player)
13) Max Unger C (one step down from Mack)
14) Brian Orakpo OLB/DE (I don't have much faith in him)
15) Malcolm Jenkins DB (I think he will play safety)
16) Jeremy Maclin WR (speedy receiver)
17) Michael Oher OT (big guy)
18) Eric Wood C (almost as good as Mack : we need a center)
19) Ziggy Hood DT (I like DTs and he has some fire)
20) Larry English OLB/DE (another tweener: but I believe in him)
21) Knowshon Moreno RB (fast good running back… I just like the bruiser type more)
22) Robert Ayers DE
23) Brian Robiskie WR
24) LeSean McCoy RB
25) Michael Crabtree WR *
26) Louis Delmas FS
27) Patrick Chung SS
28) Will Moore FS
29) Rashad Johnson FS
30) Donald Brown RB

*I made a switch (as much as I dislike what I hear about Crabtree : I guess I have to put him on the board somewhere.


  1. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Definitely no on Raji because 1. where there is smoke there is usually fire (e.g. drug tests; smoking pot inquiries) and 2. he weighs like 330lbs and is projected as an nfl nose tackle. Cleveland needs pass rush, not just stopping the run.

    So I substitute the above pick with Orakpo. Also, look for Wimbly to have a better year because i read that coverting into DE to OLB (push rush) is difficult and takes time. I think Orakpo has some college exp in the 3-4 formation so that is an added benefit. Projecting 3-4 linebackers is very difficult for GM's because of the shortage of 3-4 defenses in college and the skill/mind set is very different.

    With all this said, I believe Orakpo is the best suited for the job. Of course it would not surprise me if it does not work out. However, if he turns out to be good, then you have a very coveted player in a hard to find position. Worth the 5th draft pick in my opinion.

  2. If you get Raji- you play him at Nose Tackle and move S.Rogers to end...
    Think how much more of a beast Rogers could be with only 1 guy guarding him.

    As for Orakpo- I see too much of Wimbly in him: he has some great plays but a lot of times even a tightend manhandles him. I feel he is going to be a bust in the 3-4. As for a 4-3 end he might do well.

    So do you like Rey or A.Smith at pick #5??? I DO!

  3. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Tyson Jackson is 290lbs he is DE in a 3-4 defense...Have my big board made up and ready for the Foodgoat Junk food marathon!!

  4. I think you have Craptree rated too high :) GO BROWNS!

    41.7 million guaranteed!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  5. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Be grateful the Browns didn't trade Quinn. It would've been pretty tough parading around in a Rottenburger jersey, but I would've done it.