Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Special Level

Being a good Catholic girl, I lit a devotional candle and prayed to all the saints that comment spammers burn in a special level of Hell, where they must eat okra dipped in Marmite. Or chicken, just undercooked enough that it looks cooked but is actually still raw enough to be all rubbery and salmonella'd. Or cereal with those artificially colored, dried up marshmallows. Or all three together in a Velveeta-laced casserole. With one of those flimsy plastic sporks that neither spoons nor forks with any efficiency.

Using food as punishment often means denying food, but I think one could get a lot more creative with it, don't you?


  1. LOL ! Thanks for the morning giggle :)

  2. I agree! May they always bite apples with half-worms. ;)

    -beast mom

  3. I second the motion and will light a lapsed catholic votive here in Michigan.