Monday, April 23, 2007

A Meeting of Minds

What you see now is goodness being made.

It's the new crepe stand, Crepes De Luxe, in the West Side Market, right next to and owned by the coffee stand, and a new source of happiness for us.

When we wandered up for the first time, he took a look at us and said, "One of you is some kind of goat." Who are we to deny it?

Nor could we pass up, as he pointed out, the crepe known as the Goat - goat cheese, basil, and tomatoes in what I think is a buckwheat crepe.

Or try the Joy - with dark Belgian chocolate and coconut.

I can't decide if I'm a savory crepe or a sweet crepe person. Foodgoat seems to lean towards the sweet, with the chocolate and berries and all that, but I think I may be the savory type. All that cheese. And often, ham.

(Point of interest: the T-shaped tool used to smooth out the crepe into thing smoothness is called a rozell - which is, phonetically speaking, Ladygoat's name.)

His crepes are indeed tasty - light, amazingly thin, soft and tasty. He also puts them in handy paper cones, an idea he picked up in Montreal. The crepes are vying with bratwursts as the West Side Market brunch of choice.


  1. Anonymous8:08 PM

    at last, you have something good to say about something French

  2. Hmm. Jars upon jars of Nutella. Nutella and bananas, that's my #1 crepe filling of choice.

  3. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Best Crepe Filling Ever! Hazelnut chocolate and a hint of raisin. You can find it in a "Crepini" actually. CrepiniCafe is this new Crepe place that merged the French Crepe with the Russian Blini. Trust me its a great marriage!