Tuesday, February 7, 2006

AT-AT at War

AT-AT stands for All-Terrain Armored Transport? Did not know that.

From what I do know of gingerbread structures, that frosting is probably strong enough to repel any IED. Which is why I think they should assemby-line these gingerbread AT-ATs, SuperSize them, and deploy them to the warfront. Not only will GI Joe be safely esconced high off the ground, but the terrorists would be like, "Damn, I'm hungry and the gingerbread part looks tasty ... eh, forget blowing it up, I'll just nibble on it when they're not looking." And we can be like, "Dude, you guys can just have that AT-AT leg. Command Center just sent us two shipments of left AT-AT gingerbread legs and one shipment of right AT-AT gingerbread legs. Frakkin' Halliburton."

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