Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Don't Eat Without Me, Argentina

I was in Novato, California, in October, I went to this great restaurant, I took yummy pictures, I wrote about. Somehow I forgot to actually post about it. Only when I had a hankering to see the lobster corn dogs once more did I realize I never shared the joy. So here it is.

The place was Boca Steak Restaurant, which features steak and Argentinian cuisine. I know nothing about Argentinian cuisine. But apparently they like steak.

It was October and it's Marin and it's kind of cold, but with high powered outdoor heaters, the patio was quite comfy.

And here are the lobster corn dogs. VERY yummy. Would anyone have thought otherwise? Think about it - lobster + corn dogs. Can't lose. And the empanadas are delish too.

Okay, so I didn't quite capture the steak. But it was good, and grass fed even. I'm not big on steak, though.

The fish and the shrimp, now, THEY were good.