Friday, June 3, 2005

Luna bars

On the rare occasions when I go to the grocery store these, I am suddenly overwhelmed by all the packaging. So many things to read! So many pretty colors! So many wrappers that make crinkly sounds! And on sale!

And that is how I ended with a Luna bar.

Luna bars are nutrition bars for women. Why women need their own nutrition bar, I don't know. What would happen if men ate Luna bars, one shudders to think. The last gendered food product I ate (the instant Quaker oatmeal made just for women!) was - how shall I put it? - vile and nauseating, but I want to try anything Dulce de Leche flavored.

It turned out to be a layer of frosting and caramel over a granola bar. Practically a candy bar, as I've discovered most granola bars are. Not bad-tasting, but nothing to wave tauntingly in the face of the men-folk. And I don't feel especially womanly. I suppose it's back to watching Oprah to get in touch with my feminine side.

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