Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Parade of Unusual Ingredients

In Florida, Foodgoat patiently works on convincing someone to go to the Taco Bus with him. Here, adventurous food runs amok.

Quinoa Pasta with Rapini

Rapini, raab, rabe, whatever you call it. On the spectrum of broccoli-ness it's an 8. That's very good. The quinoa pasta, eh, not so much. The texture takes some gettnig used to. But it has all the required amino acids. That's good.

Puffed Spelt and Rice Milk

Hello spelt. I don't believe we've met before. Of course the other Unusual Grains have spoken of you often. May I complement you on your lightness, your pleasant flavor? Your friend, rice milk, is very quiet, though.

I ate ramps. Ramps. I know, I'd never heard of them before either. A kind of wild leek that is native to the Great Lakes region. Local foodies have been waxing poetic about them, and I think it's justified: they're like mild, almost sweet, onion-y spinach. I chopped the whole thing and sauteed them in olive oil. Not the smack you over the head wowie goodness, but one day later I really want more goodness. Subtle. Pity I only discovered them at the end of their short season.

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