Thursday, March 8, 2012

Skipping Around the Internets, and What the Heck, a Baby Picture

  • Super Tuesday Santorum cake:  "This rich, chocolatey cake is entirely egg-free. Not due to wartime rationing, thank heavens, but because the author believes deeply in the concept of chickenhood. All eggs– both fertilized and non– have the right to grow into the poultry God intended them to be: clucking, happy, beheaded, fried, and eaten on the campaign trail."
  • Why moralism spoils the appetite"Ethical consumption is an act of acute narcissism.  It’s all about casting a positive light on one’s self."
  • Television Taboos, 1949:  "Too-gay drinking scenes aren't permitted by television censors for fear they'll give the viewers some ideas.  The actors musn't enjoy drinking."
  • Things I didn't know you could make at home:

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