Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beet It: A Review of Biotta Beet Juice

I like beets.  Beets are messy to make but a perfectly nice tasting vegetable when made fresh and roasted.  Beet juice is one of the ingredients in the very tasty Naked Berry Veggie smoothie, so I decided to try the Biotta Beet Juice, which is straight up,100% beet juice.  Beets are sweet, so I figured the juice would be pretty good.

 As you can see, beet juice is pretty intense in color.  But in terms of taste ... it's even more intense.  It's extremely - vegetable-y.  It really does seem like you are taking in a very concentrated beet.

I thought it might help to mix it with something instead of drinking it straight.  But also, I had heard you are not supposed to drink beet juice all by itself - beet juice can, according to some sources (none of which can provide me with acceptable sources or citations) can detox your liver and blood and kidneys so quickly that the release of all the toxins from your system can make you pass out or temporarily paralyze your vocal chords or something.  Is this true?  I myself did not pass out at all.  I did not feel particularly detoxified.  And my vocal chords worked well enough for me to say to Foodgoat, "Oh, jeez, you've got to taste this horrible thing."

But anyway, since I had a whole bottle of the stuff, I thought I'd try mixing it with something very sweet and light.  Like Sprite.  I'm sure this negates any health benefits beet juice might confer.  Alas, I found it didn't help the taste at all.  It just made the vegetable-y taste bubbly. 

So, despite the fact that I enjoy fresh roasted beets, I will not be partaking in the juiced version again any time soon.  Biotta also makes a couple of other vegetable juices, but none of them sound remotely appealing.  Potato juiceSauerkraut juice?  I don't think so. 


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