Monday, October 29, 2007

Blade Noodles

We watched the sci-fi cult classic Blade Runner for the very first time a few weeks ago, and the only thing that really stuck in my mind was early in the film, when Deckard was eating at a noodle bar. Against the dark, noir future, that hot, steaming bowl of noodles looked so yummy.

So Foodgoat was inspired to make his very own bowl of noodle goodness, venturing into Asian cuisine territory. For this he employed not only frozen noodles from the Asian market, but some other new ingredients we happened to have on hand due to a failed Saveur magazine Thai recipe, including a root called galangal, which looks like a pale ginger. I've seen the taste described as similar to pine or to cloves ... different from ginger but still a sort of spicy root taste.


  1. Inspiration can come from the most unlikely places.

  2. Just look at Olmos' face in that picture... he covets that bowl!

  3. Anonymous10:55 AM


    (futatsu wa juubun desuyo - two's enough)

    First time I saw blade runner, I was a Japanese language major in college. I remember the scene you mention because it was the first movie I saw that had Japanese in it I could The guy behind the counter was a very famous Japanese actor apparently.

    We had yakisoba last night for the first time in a long, long time. Interestingly enough, my daughter puts mayonnaise in it which I had never seen before....

  4. I have seen Blade Runner before, but it was Ladygoat's first time.

    I know it is an important movie, its just not a GREAT movie (much like 2001).

    As for the soup- I was quite surpised how tasty it was considering my food background is very much "white people" food ;) I am looking forward to experimenting with it again.

  5. Anonymous7:18 PM

    ohhhh, i thought that was snoop dogg there. i've never seen blade runner either. would you deem it required viewing?