Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Nuts about Grape Nuts

If I watched the Apprentice, I might have found out about the new Grape Nuts Trail Mix Crunch way back in March, but since my lukewarm interest in reality TV suffered a fatal death blow with the The Real Gilligan's Island, it wasn't until last week that I found that my beloved Grape Nuts had come out with a new flavor.

What I like about Grape Nuts is that it doesn't just have crunch, it has CRUNCH. Chewing a mouthful of Grape Nuts can rattle your brain. So the other Grape Nuts versions - Flakes and O's, with their uniform lightness and airiness defeated the whole purpose of Grape-Nuts.

Not so with the new Trail Mix Crunch! I eat it, and it can still drown out the voices in my head. But it also has almonds and raisins and honey oat more flavor too, and the whole thing is downrigh clusters, so there are now levels of crunchiness in every bite. All the other ingredients give itt tasty. It's almost the perfect cereal. In fact, it might be the perfect cereal if I could mix Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal in it.

I go to bed at night excited to wake up ... because I can have more Grape Nuts Trail Mix Crunch in the morning.

Unless that's just another voice in my head.

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