Thursday, October 20, 2005

I've been in a funk since my airline experience. All that stale plane air must have stifled my brain.

Fortunately, yesterday I encountered three things that cheered me up.

The first was the Britney Spears noodle bra on eBay.

The second was the odd looking plant in my backyard that has turned out to be a broccoli. Woo hoo!

And the third was watching MacHomer at the Hanna Theater, a one-man vocal spectacular features impressions of over 50 voices from TV`s The Simpsons in a performance of Shakespeare`s Macbeth. The performer, Rick Miller, was a weird, funny nut - his Marge (as Lady MacHomer) was spot on, and the puppets were great. I felt bad that there were only about 20 people there, so if you're in the Cleveland area, check out the show (it's playing until Sunday) - any Shakespeare fan especially would enjoy the irreverent rendition.

We thought about having doughnuts and beer in honor of Homer prior to the performance, but instead settled on a quick meal, surrounded by college kids, at the Rascal House.

The pizza was unremarkable but the fries were surprisingly good - extra crispy, not too salty, hot, and most importantly, contained in a snazzy french fry cup.

Alas, I hadn't been fully cheered up for half an hour before we found that the computer REFUSES TO TURN ON. What!? No connection to the Internet, to the outside world? Wait ... NO WARCRAFT??!!


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