Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Like, omiGoth!!!, or A Teenage Groupie Goes Goat-Hunting

Foodgoat, is, like, SOO talented! :) Not only can he cook :-9 , but didja know he plays the bass too? I'm so not kidding. Wanna see him make his stage debut? Come this Saturday night to hear The Firmary @ the Phantasy Nite Club ($7 for 21+, $10 for under 21). They go on stage around midnight, so don't be L8, cuz they're the best band EVER. They play trip hip hop (whatever that means!). The guy at guitar is none other than Bill, Foodgoat's BFF from elementary school! Awwww!

My mom'll say that's too late to be up, but whatever, I'm totally gonna sneak out, cuz they're seriously QT-pies ;-) , ya know! I *heart* the Firmary! It'll be so much fun! Maybe I'll get a rum and Coke (tee hee)! Oh, I know! Wouldn't it be cool if we, like, made Jell-O shots too before?!! And wouldn't it be awesome if I stopped using so many exclamation points!!! 'K, CU L8R!

Jell-O shots

2 cups Vodka
3 packages Jello with sugar
3 cups Water

Boil 3 cups of water then add jello. Mix jello and water until jello is completely disolved. Add the two cups of vodka and mix together. Pour mixture into Dixie cups and chill in a friend's dorm fridge until firm. Suck 'em down like candy and try to memorize all the information on your fake ID.

Rum and Coke

1 ounce Rum
5 ounces Coke

Mix ingredients in a highball glass two-thirds full of ice. Stir briskly and serve. Giggle profusely. Follow with a couple of juice-heavy drinks named for various forms of sexual activity. End either by throwing up in the venue bathroom with a girl you don't know holding back your hair, or by being downloaded on Kazaa, Paris Hilton-style.

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