Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Side-by-side taste test: Milk

I love side-by-side taste tests. So scientific.

In the most recent one, skim milk duked it out ... Giant Eagle vs. Hartzler Family Dairy. One was from our neighborhood grocery conglomerate; the other was from a family farm in Wayne County and sold to me by two Amish kids at the farmer's market at Shaker Square. One came in a plastic gallon jug; the other in a nifty, old-fashioned glass bottle. Both are pasteurized; only one is homogenized. One is probably loaded with various miracles of modern science; the other is chemical-, herbicide-, pesticide-, and hormone-free.

The verdict: By taste, the Hartzler squeaks by ... "nice aftertaste" ... "smooth." And did I mention the nifty, old-fashioned glass bottle? However, it's also $3.25 a quart (plus $1 deposit for the aforementioned bottle), compared to Giant Eagle's $1.78 a gallon. And Foodgoat drinks 2 gallons of milk a week.

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